DONNELLY, Patrick Griffin Lorne Endre - May 30, 2002 - July 25, 2017 Merry Christmas from Heaven Throughout the Christmas season, donít fall into despair. Relive the special times we shared... I promise Iíll be there. You'll find me in the stories of loved one who stop by. I am the flickering candlelight, my spirit did not die. Continue with traditions and gather 'round the tree. I want you to be happy... you were everything to me. So, fill the house with warm thoughts and know that I'm a part, Of all the joy the season holds, here in your heart! Love, Mommy & Daddy Christmas Memories of an Angel in Heaven We've asked an angel in heaven in a special Christmas prayer, To protect you as youíre sleeping and to tend you with great care. For we felt such pain and heartache when you left us far behind And throughout the celebrations you'll be very much in mind. And although our tears are falling, peace and solace will be found when we find a pure white feather that has drifted to the ground. Because then weíll know for certain by this sign from above, That an angelís wings surround you with their everlasting love. Love, your brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, grandparents and Godparents
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