ROLPH The family of the late Clarence Joseph Rolph would like to thank everyone that came out and showed their love and support. Your hugs, your stories, your cards, your calls, the flowers, the memorial gifts and all the food helped make our days a little easier. We are so grateful and so blessed that you came and shared this time with us, and your stories of Clare. We loved those and they filled our hearts. So from the bottom of them thank you. We can't find words that will convey our gratitude to the staff at Stratford General Hospital, know that you are all amazing and we are so thankful for each one of you that was at Clare's side. To Reverend Tom, thank you for standing at our sides, providing a guiding hand and sharing the wisdom of your calling that allowed a strength to fill us and navigate us. Jeff and his team at Lockhart Funeral Home. Jeff, you are phenomenal and your team follow closely in your footsteps. Thank you so much for everything, the difference you made is incredible and very appreciated. To the Ladies that prepared all the meals and food, thank you. To Floral Treasures your flowers filled our days with beauty and colour, thank you. With sincere gratitude and love Helen, Brad and Tanya, Dale and Katrina, The rest of the Rolph, Dietz and Wassmann Family.
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