GOFORTH, Brian - Brian Goforth, ladiesí man, natty dresser, golf enthusiast and top-notch dad and grandfather passed away comfortably in his favourite chair on June 29th, 2019. Born June 26th, 1951 in Sudbury our Dadís sparkling personality will continue to be a presence amongst the many who loved him. Dad loved golf and will be remembered as the man on the course trying to blind people with his flashy apparel. More than golf he loved his Chicago Blackhawks. We, his children, will miss his relentless heckling as TML fans. And mostly, his greatest love was his grandchildren. He fit in almost too well with the numerous babies, toddlers and tweens. Known as Grandpa, Grandpoppi, Bubba, Daddo, Wiener, all which define the most colourful, compassionate, kind, competitive and funny person Iíve ever known and we, Kate (AJ), Graeme (Julie), Drťa (Richard) were so fortunate to call him our Dad. And while he sleeps in the sky, according to his many grandchildren, we will hear his snores forever in our hearts.
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