The Association of Ontario Land Surveyors is pleased to announce that James Nicol of Stratford, Ontario Has successfully completed all of the academic and experience requirements for professional membership in the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors. Mr. Nicol received his Bachelor of Civil Engineering -Geomatics from Ryerson University. He then completed additional university courses required by the Association. His formal education was followed by a required term of closely monitored practical experience and by additional formal examinations in Statute Law and Professional Land Surveying. James now joins the ranks of over 600 Ontario Land Surveyors/Ontario Land Information Professionals who are responsible for the creation, maintenance and recording of land boundaries and parcels in the Province of Ontario. OLSs/OLIPs are also engaged in aerial photogrammetric mapping, hydrographic surveying of the beds of lakes and rivers, topographic surveying, geodetic surveying for precise determination of the shape of the Earth's surface and are involved in the development and maintenance of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as Geographic Information Managers. For additional information, visit the AOLS website (
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