HUNTER, Loeren - On May 7, 2016 Loeren Hunter (26 years) as the handmaid of God, was baptized in Lake Ontario at Charles Daly Park in the name of the Eternal and Cosmic God the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. The baptism was fulfilled by Russell Mudry (Russian Orthodox Christian layman, 77 years) with godfather Carl Rotebrink (Lutheran, 26 years), godmother Anah Shabbar (Muslim, 26 years), godaunt Sarah English (24 years) and the presence of the spirit of deceased Roman Catholic priest Father Joseph Sellars. And so Loeren received the grace of the Holy Spirit which confers a renovated and holy life. The lighted candles held by Loeren's godfamily symbolized this spiritual illumination. On this baptismal "name's day," in token of her covenant with Christ, Loeren assumed flight from the vanity of the world and every evil device of the devil, and took on for herself and her guardian angel the name Düsa. May the token of baptism be for the hope that all people live in happiness, good will and peace.
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